Ritualistic Behaviors and Autism

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The symptoms of autism should be known by all parents of young children; especially since doctors are seeing a higher incidence of this disease over time. Children with autism do best when they are diagnosed early, so parents should be alert to any possible signs that their children have this condition. You may already know that autism generally is not curable, but it can often be managed with success. So let's have a discussion about certain symptoms of this disease that seem to be more prevalent than others.

The infant's need and desire for human touch is great, and that is a normal and expected behavior. It has long been one of the recognized symptoms of autism that the child will not want to be touched by their parents or anyone else. This is sometimes one of the first symptoms to be noticed, and there is understandable confusion and distress caused to the parents when their child does not want to be held or touched. There can be a variety of symptoms in the autistic child, it's just that the symptom involving touch is seen in very many of these children. There are some therapies that attempt to overcome this symptom by trying to get autistic children accustomed to human touch, but it is still unclear if these methods are effective. Sometimes an autistic child/adult has very strong feelings about others entering what they consider to be their space.

Self destructive behavior is another symptom of autism. Not every child with autism will but some do, bang their heads, hit themselves or play with dangerous objects. Autistic kids must have extra supervision. Since it is difficult to communicate with autistic children verbally, in some cases they must by physically restrained or medicated to prevent them from doing damage to themselves or others. For safety and security purposes some autisic kids are institutionalized for these tendencies when parents aren't able to take care of them at home. Because these symptoms can be present in normal children too it is a good idea to get an expert diagnosis.

Additional symptoms are behaviors that could include: highly ritualistic behavior, repeating motions and movements, and certain kinds of personal rituals that do not appear to make sense. An autistic person is able to completely stare at a rock for hours and hours. As far as the ritual type of behavior; you can often see physical movements repeated the same way, or walking in a pattern such as a circle that is just repeated. Great caution needs to be taken because there could be an instance when self-injury can occur due to banging his head or hurting himself in some other way. For this reason, some people with autism are given medication to control their behavior or restrained to prevent them from harming themselves or others. However not all autistic children are like that, and it's mainly those who are the worst cases of the disease. There is a wide range of symptoms of autism seen in children and adults. While we have looked at some common symptoms of autism, it is difficult to generalize about this disorder, as it manifests in so many different ways. How severe a particular case of autism is will determine much in the way of treatment given, or suggested. Traditional medical doctors are in firm disagreement with alternative medicine doctors as to the causes of autism, and naturally that leads to more differences over the best way to treat it.

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Ritualistic Behaviors and Autism

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This article was published on 2010/10/10