Understand autism to help autistic children

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Advance and regular medical science research has either removed or has an effective control over all kind of health issues except for autism which still persist in our world. So its become essential for parents or care-taker to first understand autism or sensory processing disorder, before helping their children or loved once to overcome from trauma of autism as far as possible. Since no specific treatment for this disorder is available, so all that we could do is to identify the level of autism and cooperate (through therapy) in accordance with it to help them to reach their potential....Everyday.

Symptoms of autism start visible as early as, at the age of 6 months and develop into full intensity at the age of four; there are several things through which one can diagnose the symptoms of autism, such as:

  • Unusual physical or body movement
  • Different kind of eating habit
  • Lack of interest and concentration
  • Impairments in communication
  • repetitive behaviour

Only way through which we can handle autism is therapies, there are different kinds of therapy available depending upon the intensity of autism, thus it become important to identify the type of autism and choose therapy accordingly.

Some of the therapies that are helpful for children suffering from children are:

  1. Weighted Therapy:  Research shows that weighted therapy helps a lot to keep autistic children calm and relax, and basically help them to control their physical movement, weighted therapy could be in the form of weighted toys, weighted blanket, weighted lap pads or weighted lap animals.
  2. Children Games: providing therapy through children games, especially one designed for autism is the best way to handle autistic children, as kids are attracted towards games so they learn fast and quickly through it, and it brings lot of change in their behaviour.
  3. Relaxation Resources: several relaxation resource are available in market, inform of book, CD's and script, which could be easily used at home, school or in therapy room, to increase the concentration level in children and also it helps to make their behaviour stable and calm.
  4. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses a special chamber, sometimes called a pressure chamber, to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood for faster metabolism and it is also found that it also decreases neurological inflammation. Evidence based research has shown some improvement after autistic children undergoes some hours of exposure.
  5. Sensory Processing measure: This tool helps in determining the complete picture of children's sensory functioning at home, in school or in the community, So always keep this tool kit handy with you, if you are related with autism treatment.

As there is no specific or known medicine is available for autism till now, so therapy is the best alternative for children suffering from autism, secondly more care, love and attention should be given to autistic children as compared to their counterparts, and right strategies should be followed for each and every child depending upon their condition, so that they can reach their potential everyday as well as improved social understanding.

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Kate Horstmann is an occupational therapist, who is consistently working in the field of children Autism, by helping and empowering Parents, teachers or therapist to help children struggling with autism through children games or evidence based therapies.

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Understand autism to help autistic children

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This article was published on 2012/06/18